I didn’t do this in a vacuum. This is built off of packages and libraries created by a huge number of incredible people. And everything on this was taught to me either on the job or by looking at other people’s examples of how to do things. Here we go:

  • Audrey Roy for coming up with this idea and agreeing to marry me.
  • Aaron Kavlie, Geoffrey Jost, and Preston Holmes for helping organize things.
  • Chris Shenton for showing me that more notes are better - even if they seem stupid to take at the time.
  • Eric Holscher for
  • Evgany Fadeev for showing me how to work Sphinx autodoc.
  • Frank Wiles for general Django code cleanliness and inspiring the Cartwheel way.
  • Georg Brandl for Sphinx
  • George Song for django-coverage
  • Gisle Aas for the way django-coverage is implemented in this project
  • Jacob Kaplan-Moss for a culture of documentation plus schooling me personally hard on exceptions and writing better tests.
  • James Tauber and Alex Gaynor for settings.PROJECT_ROOT.
  • Nate Aune for teaching me that tests should be a story.
  • Ned Batchelder for
  • Steve Holden for teaching me better skills explaining technical things in text.
If I missed anyone I apologize!